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Learn MORE about YOUR Mouth SORE!
Select from the type of mouth sore conditions listed below ~ Access medical sites or support resources for additional information, data & images.

Soothie frost Inspiration & Origin Story:

"Several years ago my 3 year old granddaughter was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma. One of the side effects of her chemo treatment caused mouth sores so severe that she could not talk let alone drink or eat. It was very scary & upsetting. One of my good friends, was so moved by my granddaughter’s suffering she decided to find something to help mouth sores ~ Through her tenacious research, testing, talking to experts, etc... my friend invented Soothie Frost patented formula! I personally have used Soothie Frost on my mouth sore & it stopped the pain & healed it in one use. The world needs more compassionate, caring people like the creator of this product & I will be forever thankful to her. BTW - My granddaughter is now a thriving, vibrant & very active happy little girl enjoying elementary school. She is doing great!’"- J. O.

"Those nasty mouth sores are the worst! I remember when my three year old daughter couldn't talk for a couple of days because they were so bad from the chemo treatments. It was awful. I'm so happy that this product is taking such initiative to help ease cancer fighters' pain because there is a tremendous amount of it during chemo. Anything to lessen their pain is a gift." - B. O.

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