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You Deserve to Enjoy a Life Well Lived

When it comes to preventing or fighting cancer, Cancer Nutrition IQ knows you are tired of being confused and overwhelmed about nutrition. You just want answers… simple, practical and specific to your needs.

Our cancer dietitians have created a Personalized Plan that removes the guesswork and delivers a plan so you can eat stress-free and get back to living life with those you love.

Science-Based Advice: How to Eat for Maximum Cancer Control at a Cellular Level
You will find guidance on how to improve digestion, boost immunity, detox your system, block hormones, “flip the switch” on certain gene mutations and so much more. The most powerful way to fight cancer is to impact each one of these pathways.

One-size-fits all diet advice can leave serious gaps in your cancer nutrition plan. Depending on your goal, your plan will provide tailored advice for prevention, active treatment or thriving after cancer diagnosis.

Developed by Cancer Dietitians and Nutritionists, Trusted by Thousands of Cancer-Concerned Clients
Cancer Nutrition IQ understands you have different concerns than the next person. That's why we've created a simple, low cost way for you to get personalized nutrition based on YOU!

Advice Specific to Beautifully UNIQUE You, Benefits to a Personalized Plan:


Filter out the noise! Providing helpful food prep and serving size recommendations for the most beneficial foods or nutrients. Your plan is simple to understand and based in science - focused by cancer type.

Avoid the overwhelm! How about a one-page summary that wraps it all for you? Delivering Quick View "Focus Foods" summary sheet, so you can begin to make proven choices right away.

Bring on the confidence and clarity! Gain reassurance about food and lifestyle products that are healthy for you:
- Cancer dietitian-approved and recommended brand product suggestions for educated shopping
- Dietary supplement advice including safety precautions and recommend dosages

Stop the stress with TMI! You don't need a "course or program"... you just want to know what to do NOW! Discover chemotherapy and radiation-specific nutrition tips for safe and more effective treatments (for active patients only).

Access valuable answers! Explore our blog library created by cancer dietitians and nutritionists for those who are “hungry for more”... because we know not everyone starts in the same place.

Be empowered! Find comfort and emotional support with a private invitation to join our Facebook Community. Fellowship with other like-minded people with similar concerns and experiences.

Bonus Resources: Dietary Progression Chart; Healthy Pantry Hacks; Powerful Spice Blends; Secret Power Plants Report and Collagen/Cancer Connection Report


What's Your Cancer Nutrition IQ?
From Nourished Novice to Good Health Guru, learn how your current diet and lifestyle habits measure up against cancer.

Here’s how we do it with YOU:

  • Answer a few questions about your current dietary habits to learn how your current diet stacks up… that’s YOUR Cancer Nutrition IQ!  The results will provide a free checklist for suggested improvements.

  • Dig Deeper!  Access the information you’ve been searching for to nourish your body by discovering YOUR unique “Focus Foods” personalized plan for a one time fee of just $14.95.

  • Take Control. Gain clarity knowing you have quality, science-based nutrition information tailored to your specific health goals!

Are You Ready to Eat Smart and Worry Less?

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Meet the Founder of Cancer Nutrition IQ, Eat Smart for a Beautiful Life
Many years ago, Dr. Kim Dalzell PhD, RD received a late-night phone call from her sister-in-law, who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She asked Kim what kinds of foods might “feed her cancer.” That night, Kim realized that many cancer-concerned individuals don’t have access to reliable nutrition information, and even if they did, they were getting only generalized information. So she became one of the first dietitians to develop cell-specific cancer-fighting protocols.

For the past 25 years Dr. Dalzell, has helped clients speed-dial passed a place of overwhelm and confusion to that of clarity and effective action. Packaged in the way that makes the plan  doable/affordable for virtually everyone. Delivering fingerprint content that cancer thrivers are desperate for, in an easy-to-follow format that provides immediate confidence about what to eat based on cancer cell type. All wrapped up with a bit of humor and inspiration.

In collaboration with other oncology nutritional professionals, Kim founded Cancer Nutrition IQ to remove the nutrition-related obstacles that challenge most cancer-concerned people. Inspired with the mission to offer affordable practical science-based focus-food plans, that will support you on an intellectual and emotional level so you can effectively prevent or fight cancer... Breath, Relax and Get Back to Living!

Over the years, Kim has been celebrating the fact that clients are thriving beyond their prognosis. Kim's belief has always been: “You don’t have an expiration date stamped on your forehead. Give your body what it needs to heal, and it can heal! Be smarter when it comes to fighting cancer with nutrition, because everyone deserves a beautiful life!"

Learn More - Founder's Bio
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