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Drug Free Natural ICE POP - Oral Tissue Immune Supplement
Therapeutic Benefits, Dual Action Results & Vital Immune Supporting Formulation



According to the American Association of Orthodontics, over four million people in the U.S. at any given time are undergoing some form of orthodontic treatment. Today, one in four orthodontic patients is an adult

Braces are beneficial to correct misalignment, prevent pain/gum disease & boost self esteem. Teeth move through a biomechanical process called “bone remodeling.” This is a slow & controlled process using force with constant pressure. Placement of braces is usually pain free. Afterwards, mouth pain occurs from the slow tension of shifting the teeth. Initial soreness lasts about a week & repeats with each adjustment to the arch-wire.


Causes may include: 
Braces can exasperate mouth sores at an alarming rate. This is caused by constant rubbing of metal & orthodontic wire against the soft oral tissue creating raw abrasions, resulting in activities like speaking & eating to become very difficult. 

Dentures: Dentures are removable false teeth that are typically made of metal, nylon, or acrylic. Designed to replace decayed or missing teeth, dentures can be very beneficial. They increase chewing ability, enable improved pronunciation & provide an aesthetically natural appearance by supporting the lips & cheeks that can collapse after tooth loss.

Causes may include: Ill-fitting dentures that cause rubbing to teeth & gums forming sores or tartar/plaque buildup creating a gum infection


Medical Links Available Below, Learn More @ Orthodontic Sores > In Pain? Consult with a Teledental Expert in Minutes

"I had braces put on in December and was unable to eat due to tooth pain and mouth sores. My friend suggested that I try the pops and even brought a couple over that night! They were exactly what I needed! Thanks!"  - W. B.

Review Testimonials from Verified ~ Orthodotic Pain Users: 

"My niece has braces and is always complaining of the mouth pain. She used Soothie Frost and felt immediate relief. Her mom noted a visible size reduction in her sores within a couple of days. With a medical background, I asked her mom to administer regular frozen pops once she was out of Soothie Frost product to see if there was a placebo effect... Her mom reported the sores quickly returned and were much larger while using regular frozen pop products."  - R. F., DC    


"Both of my sons had braces when they were young. They would complain that their mouth hurt. I did not think about it much, just gave them an over the counter pain reliever. But then I got braces as a middle aged adult. These are really uncomfortable! The metal brackets rub the inside of my lips and cheeks, causing pain with eating and talking.  After getting the wires replaced, the tips stick into the side of my mouth, making it difficult to sleep. I was using small pieces of wax to cover the brackets, but food got stuck in the wax and had to be replaced multiple times a day. I was also taking much more of an over the counter pain medication, Aleve, than was recommended. Then I was introduced to Soothie Frost. These are tasty, frozen pops that contain natural ingredients, no medications, that significantly decrease the discomfort of the braces. When I feel the inside of my mouth getting sore from the brackets, I eat a Soothie Frost and immediately feel much better. I also eat one before going to bed. This makes falling asleep much easier. I know that I will not have side effects, so I can eat as many in a day as I need. The Soothie Frosts have made having braces much more tolerable! Braces cause ongoing irritation, so daily use for months may be required." - M. D., MD   


"As a Mother and Grandmother with 3 adult children with braces and 3 grandchildren with braces, Soothie frost has been a HUGE pain reliever after dental appointments. In addition, we use it for esophageal issues as well as stomach problems. It tastes great and the texture even works for my grandchild that is very particular about any food textures. Soothie frost has become a must in my household staples.  Thank you for caring and developing this product."  - J. V. 


"I was really surprised by how this new find “Soothies” helped me!!!!! I was visiting a friend after having oral surgery on my gums. The dentist had put posts into my gums for my implants and I was having some serious pain!!  My friend said he had something he wanted me to try and he gave me a Soothie.  He said to rub it around the posts and on my gums then eat it slowly...... To my surprise it eased the pain and made my evening better! Later I tried another one and again to my surprise my pain was almost gone!!

I have been going thru the healing process now for a month and have since ordered Soothies. They are enjoyable in three very important ways: 

1. The pop eases the pain and has taken the pain away. I eat a pop at the first sign of pain.  
2. They taste good!!! Enjoying the very enjoyable taste, like eating a popsicle!!!!  
3. I like that it is not filled with a lot of man made meds & is natural. Knowing this, I was able to give one to my 6 year old grandson to help with his toothache. This is important to me because I’m not big on pain killers.


I am so thankful that my friend introduced me to “Soothies.” It has been such a relief to me and I recommend them very highly to everyone!!!!! I will always keep them on hand!!!!!! This product is wonderful!!!!!!"   - R. R.

"I bought Soothie Frost and while, I haven’t had a chance to use them, luckily I had them in the freezer when my Mom had dental work done. She ended up having a painful spot on the roof of her mouth from the Novocain injection. The pain lasted days after the procedure. I gave her a Soothie Frost pop and it made the pain go away. She said it tasted great too! She used them for a couple of days and each time it got rid of the pain in her mouth. Thanks Soothie Frost!" - S. W. 

"Soothie Frost helped with my son’s palette expander pain!" - B. C. ​

“We love Soothie Frost! It helped my 6 year old daughter recover from dental work recently. I keep some frozen as we walk through the flu season. I love how silky it is — perfectly soothes!” - C. G.

"I had braces put on in December and was unable to eat due to tooth pain and mouth sores. My friend suggested that I try the pops and even brought a couple over that night! They were exactly what I needed! Thanks!" - W. B.

““I had dental work done & got a sore in my mouth. My sister gave me Soothie Frost. I tried them & they helped! I have a friend who just started chemo. Her mouth has broke out in sores. Sending pops to my friend. Excited to be able to help her!” - N. S.

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