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Oral mucositis (mouth sores) is a severe adverse complication of chemotherapy & radiation treatments. OM is an inflammatory reaction of the mucous lining of the upper gastrointestinal tract from the mouth to the bowels, which is characterized by painful ulcerations of the mouth, lips, throat & digestive tract lining. Mucositis has a very significant effect on the patient's quality of
life & leads to several problems: open sore pain, inability to eat/nutritional concerns & increased risk of infection. This painful side effect can result in treatment interruption, dose reductions or even treatment discontinuation.




As a cancer patient receiving chemotherapy I truly cannot say enough about this wonderful product. My mouth sores were unbearable but the SOOTHIES help me through it. It's an outstanding product and I highly recommend SOOTHIES to anyone with any kind of mouth sores.
Outstanding product. A+ all the way!”  - L. T. C.

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