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Drug Free Natural ICE POPs ~ Patented Oral Tissue Support Supplement

Soothes, Protects & Relieves* Mouth Pain:


I had a spot on my lip that I kept biting. This morning I used one of the pops
and it already feels like the spot is gone, it is only 8 am! 
This product is genius! 

- J. O.

Benefits ~ POP with a Purpose
Are you suffering with pain?   Nourish your mouth health!

- Instant cyro-therapeutic frosty relief*
- Covers pain with a soothing  protective layer*
- Rapid  absorption to nourish oral tissue*
- Reduces duration of sores & relieves pain*
- Promotes long-term renewal & maintenance*

- Muiltipurpose mouth pain formulation -  to soothe, replenish & protect mouth immunity defense*
- Fortified with specific amino acid proteins, targeted to promote the health of oral tissue & digestive track*
- Balanced with non-acidic antioxidant vitamins focused on strong bones, gums, skin, mood & heart*
- Natural flavor base of Xylitol: a dental approved, sugar free, low calorie & low glycemic index sweetener*          
- Free of:  dairy, drugs, dye, gluten, herbs, nut & soy 
- Developed for people with mouths  
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- Supports immune, muscular & nervous systems*
- Promotes collagen growth, wound & tissue repair*
- Boosts oral health: gums, teeth, bones & skin*
- Gentle on stomach, maintains digestive tract
- Improves heart health & coping with stress*

POP with a Purpose: 
Patented Oral Immune Formula

- Instant Cryo-Therapeutic Relief*                        - Reduces Duration of Sores & Pain*
- Soothing Repair Protective Barrier*                 - Promotes Long-Term Restoration*
- Multipurpose Mouth Pain Applications
            - Order Soothing Sore Relief  😋


- essential for immune function*
- building blocks for protein*
- promotes oral health & wound care*
- boosts collagen growth & tissue repair* 

- National Library of Medicine - Lysine>

- fuel source for brain/immune system*
- critical protein for  muscle health*
- maintains health of digestive tract*

- National Library of Medicine - Glutamine>

- antioxidant C+ fortified with Calcium*
- non-acidic & gentle on stomach
- supports bones, skin
& gums*
- neutralizes cell-damaging free radicals*

National Library of Medicine - Calcium Ascorbate>

- important in coping with stress*
- benefits nervous
& immune systems*
- boosts function of brain
& heart* 

- National Library of Medicine - B6>    

- low calorie & low glycemic index sweetener that  boosts dental health*  
- synergistic formula: natural flavors, sugar, dye & drug free*

- National Library of Medicine - Xylitol>

Drug Free Natural ICE POPs ~ Patented Oral Tissue Support Supplement
Soothie frost is a Water-Soluble Patented Formula!

L-Lysine, L-Glutamine, B6, Calcium Ascorbate & Xylitol are all Water-Soluble Ingredients: 

This means all the ingredients dissolve in water when ingested, then enter the blood stream. The body keeps what it needs at the time, and the excess amounts are excreted in the urine.  Since they can’t be stored, everybody needs a continuous supply of water soluble vitamins in order to stay healthy. 
Learn More, Medical Links:
- National Library of Medicine - Water Soluble vs. Fat Soluble>
National Cancer Institute - Definition of Water Soluble>


Directions: Multipurpose Mouth Pain - ICE POP

multipurpose directions.png

1. Freeze ICE POPs upon Arrival ~ Keep ICE POPS frozen
2. Open frozen ICE POP~ Swish over sores to numb fiery pain
3.  Consume entire ICE POP ~ For BEST relief results
4.  To accelerate results ~ Eat MULTIPLE ICE POPS during sore FLARE-UPS to expedite mouth tissue restoration*

Cold Sensitivity Users: If you are sensitive to colder temperatures resulting from chemotherapy or radiation treatments, thaw ICE POP prior to consuming ~ then swish & swallow entire sleeve contents. Do not microwave.


1. Freeze ICE POPs upon Arrival ~ Keep ICE POPS frozen    
2. Open frozen ICE POP ~ Topically apply pop end directly to sore        
3. Apply until sore is numb ~ Then consume that portion of pop        
4. Repeat ~ Apply newly exposed pop end to sore to numb site        
5. Continue process ~ Consume entire ICE POP for BEST results        
6. To accelerate results ~ Eat MULTIPLE ICE POPS during sore FLARE-UPS to expedite mouth tissue restoration*


At FIRST sign of exterior or interior mouth irritation, bump or discomfort
~ immediately consume ENTIRE ICE POP to alleviate progression of sore formation.*
~ Repeat process ~ as needed to maintain mouth health


Relief Tips:                                                                                         Developed for people with mouths 😋
- Be prepared for your next mouth sore or sore mouth ~ Stock your freezer with Soothie frost!

- To freeze pops quicker, remove pops from pouch. Do not microwave contents.
- Enjoy POPs like a slushy: cut top of pop sleeve, add contents to a cup & serve with a spoon.


Directions to Use ~ Love YOU to Life

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    Thank you for your submission ~  Soothie frost Customer Care,  love YOU to life

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