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Pain Doesn’t Have a Schedule...
...Well you're in luck because neither do The TeleDentists! Discuss any dental or oral care concern with a licensed dental professional anytime, anywhere a reliable internet connection is available. All you need is a mobile device or computer with video chat capabilities to speak with a TeleDentist within minutes from the comfort of your home, office or wherever an unexpected dental emergency may occur.

In Pain? Consult with a Teledental Expert within Minutes!

Putting Your Mind & Mouth at Ease

The TeleDentist can assess and remediate the situation as well as prescribe any non-narcotic medication needed which can be picked up at the pharmacy of your choice. If dental work is determined to be necessary, the team will even schedule a local dental appointment at your preferred location - as soon as possible!

This confidential, secure & easy process will:
- Save you excruciating hours of waiting & avoid extraordinary fees that are a result from emergency room (ER) visits
- Eliminate painful travel time
- Expedite real-time answers from an experienced TeleDentist within 5 to 10 minutes

Need a second opinion ~ Don't agree with the decision from your recent dental visit?
Get a second dental opinion from one of our licensed specialists.

$ave Money & Stop Wasting Time for Dental Pain at the ER 
- The average cost of an ER visit for dental pain can range from
approximately $400 - $1500

- Compared to significant savings for your virtual TeleDentist consultation which is only $59

Demo Video> - Watch this quick video demo that explains the easy process of how to sign up and receive a consultation from The TeleDentists Experts.

Get a Teledental Consult Today  You will be back to smiling in no time!

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