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A sore throat is very painful with scratchy irritation that worsens when swallowing commonly caused by viral colds or the flu. Other causes such as tonsillitis, strep throat & mono may require antibiotics. Additional factors can include smoking, mouth breathing while sleeping or allergies to pets, pollens & molds. General anesthesia during surgery can also cause a sore throat.

Symptoms may include: 
- Pain while swallowing/eating/talking, a cough, swollen glands or tonsils, white spots on your throat, runny nose, hoarse voice, sneezing, fever or body aches. 




“My son came home from college this fall with severe tonsillitis and strep throat. He could barely swallow water due to the severe pain. After two days of taking the Soothie Frost popsicles AND before any antibiotics were administered, he stated that he had significant relief and was actually able to eat soup and drink without grimacing. I am a Sr. Executive for one of the largest pharmaceuticals companies in the world, but I can tell you I am a believer in the drug free Soothie Frost products!”   - B. F.

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