More than half of the population experiences canker sores. Studies indicate about 1 in 5 people suffer from interior mouth sores on a regular basis. Canker sores, also called aphthous ulcers (or aphthous stomatitis - AS), are small, shallow lesions that develop on the soft tissues in your mouth &/or at the base of your gums. Eating & drinking can result in extreme pain. The oral tissue inflammation will typically heal in 1-2+ weeks. This condition can also be chronic (reoccurring - RAS) & outbreaks may develop in other areas inside the mouth, causing sores to merge together into larger masses. 

Possible causes may include: 

- chronic emotional stress or hormones

- food sensitivities (acidic/spicy)

- abrasions such as braces/dentures or self-inflicted bite

- vitamin deficiencies

- autoimmune disorders (including lupus, Behcet's disease, inflammatory bowel diseases, celiac disease, ulcerative colitis & Crohn’s disease)

- prescription drug side-effects

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Testimonials from Verified Canker Sore Users: 

"I have suffered from canker sores as long as I can remember and they are a nightmare. They are so painful that my dentist would work me into her schedule and she could cauterize my sores for $50 a visit. The burning from the cauterization process was awful, but better than living with the extreme pain for weeks. Since using Soothie Frost, I am no longer getting any canker sores. At the first sign of a cank popping up I consume a Soothie Frost and the sore never develops. I also suffer from acid in my stomach and have noticed a reduction in my stomach pain while using this incredible product. This has restored the quality of my life!"  - L. A.                                   


"Soothie Frost has changed my life!  My entire adult life I have suffered from stress related canker sore outbreaks. The sores were not only extremely painful but made speaking/communicating very difficult which would affect my daily job routine, since I am in sales and continually speaking to clients. Often one sore would develop and then another would form and they would grow together, doubling into monster size sores. Daily tasks such as eating, talking and sleeping were very difficult since I would be in pain for weeks and in a terrible mood all the time. The sore irritation would even cause me to accidentally bite my tongue or interior cheek which would result in an additional sore to develop.  Not only would the pain be unbearable, I was very self conscious because the sores cause terrible bad breath which was another added discomfort and concern when interacting with people. I would be in pain for weeks until the sores finally healed and not know when the next one would appear. Once I discovered Soothie Frost, my life has totally changed! I no longer get any sores! At the first sign of a bump or irritation I eat a Soothie Frost. The irritation disappears. I am no longer in mouth pain or worried about my breath. Outstanding life changing product!" - W. C. 


"Soothie Frost has effectively treated my mouth ulcers. I used the product when the sores first became problematic, so it shortened the healing time. In the past, I have used several over the counter products for treatment. They include a cold sore ointment containing 1.2% zinc oxide, an oral anesthetic with 20% benzocaine, and liquid hydrogen peroxide 3%. Soothie Frost worked better than these other treatments. I would recommend it to those that suffer from mouth ulcers to speed the healing time and reduce the discomfort." - J. K. 


"I suffer from chronic canker sores which are extremely painful. The sores can last from a period of five to ten days. I had three sores the first time I used Soothie Frost and felt pain relief within 15 minutes. I noticed a sore size reduction in only two days after consuming five Soothie Frost over a three day period.  While using this product no new sores developed either. I would recommend this product." - R. M.        


"I have experienced canker and cold sores most of my adult life. I have a low tolerance of acidic fruits and vegetables. The problem is that I love oranges and pineapples, which resulted in me getting regular canker sores when I ate to much of either. Most of the over the counter treatments provided little or no relief and none provided a faster healing cycle of the sore. Some treatments were very painful and actually made the sore worse. I was recommended to Soothie Frost from a neighbor. The first time I tried it I felt more relief in the first 10-20 seconds than most treatments simply from the cooling nature of the frozen pop, and with no extra pain or further inflammation of the sore. I could feel a difference in the sore within a couple treatments. By the fourth treatment (third day) there was a significant decrease in pain from the sore and a noticeable decrease in size of the sore. I went ahead and took a single frozen pop on days four and five. By the end of day five there was no more pain at the site of the canker sore and the sore was significantly smaller in size. No new sores developed while I was using the product. It has been about a week since the last use of the product and I have not developed any other new sores. Both the canker and the cold sore I had are completely gone.  If you are experiencing canker or cold sores I would highly recommend trying this product. The reasons would be 1) Because there was significant pain reduction, 2) Significant reduction in the healing cycle, 3) no increase of pain or sore size from treatment, 4) Great flavors." - C.R.


"My life is changed by Soothie Frost. I have had Celiac Disease my whole life and I am constantly getting canker sores. I have tried everything known to man to get them to disappear or soothe them while they heal. Now that I have Soothie Frost, once I get a canker sore, I immediately grab one and the pain is gone. Normally the canker sore takes weeks to disappear but with Soothie Frost, they are gone in a couple days. I also have a five year old and not only does it heal his canker sores (he has Celiac as well), but he asks to eat them everyday as the taste is phenomenal." - S. S. 

"I had a spot on my lip that I kept biting. This morning I used one of the pops and it already feels like the spot is gone, it is only 8 am! This product is genius!" - J. O. 

"I have had mouth sores for many years, sometimes on my tongue and sometimes on the inside of my mouth.  I also get canker sores.  Before Soothie Frost, I used over the counter gels and topical remedies to help the pain and then just wait for them to go away.  However, the first time that I used Soothie Frost I found that it not only stopped the immediate pain but actually healed the sores within a day or two.  This is a fabulous product and so useful for me even though I don't have chronic or cancer related issues.  These should be in everyone's freezer.  And by having them in my freezer, I have been able to share with a neighbor who had sores from a medication she was taking for a short time. I also recently gave the information about Soothie Frost to my dentist who said she would keep it for people dealing with sores from braces. I HIGHLY recommend this product and pray that many people in need would find out about it."  - J. M.


"If you EVER suffer from mouth sores you will want to share this... I was feeling like I was getting an ulcer in my mouth & remembered the feeling from years ago - used Soothie Frost - POOF - gone!!!   - L. P.


"My 4 year old daughter’s face was bitten by a dog in her mouth area. The doctor told us to use salt water and Tylenol. Her mouth and cheeks were extremely swollen with 4 canine teeth holes under her lip. Then a friend told us to try Soothie Frost. After 2 days of using Soothie Frost she is now so much better! All the swelling is gone and the puncture wounds are almost healed up. She loves all the flavors and I’m so happy with our experience. I would recommend this product."  - A. V.

Soothiesare GREAT for the entire family! I was introduced to them after having oral surgery. The dentist had to put posts into my gums for my implants. They helped tremendously with all the pain! Since then, they have helped my 6 year old grandson with his toothache. My 9 year old granddaughter that has a habit of licking around her mouth. Plus my 5 year old granddaughter who had a fever blister that just started this morning, but we nipped that in the bud!!! They were gone when she left today.  I want and am sharing this product with everyone and again I am so very proud that my friend introduced me to this wonderful pain relieving and healing “Soothie.” We will always keep them stocked! Thank you again and God Bless you! " - R. R.