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Braces are beneficial to correct misalignment, prevent pain/gum disease & boost self esteem. Teeth move through a biomechanical process called “bone remodeling.” This is a slow & controlled process using force with constant pressure. Placement of braces is usually pain free. Afterwards, mouth pain occurs from the slow tension of shifting the teeth. Initial soreness lasts about a week & repeats with each adjustment to the arch-wire. Braces can exasperate mouth sores at an alarming rate. This is caused by constant rubbing of metal & orthodontic wire against the soft oral tissue creating raw abrasions, resulting in activities like speaking/eating to become very difficult. 


Denture Abrasions

The entire dental staff loved the ICE POPs! They thought I had brought them some frozen treats, since I usually bring them something decadent when I can! I explained the product to them and they all tried it… every flavor was great! I plan on sending Soothie Frost to the specialists I refer my clients to see. - C. L, DDS

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