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Canker Sores
Canker Sores, Cheek/Tongue Bites, Mouth Burns, Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) & Thrush & Teething, Testimonials 

"I have suffered from canker sores as long as I can remember and they are a nightmare. They are so painful that my dentist would work me into her schedule and she could cauterize my sores for $50 a visit. The burning from the cauterization process was awful, but better than living with the extreme pain for weeks. Since using Soothie Frost, I am no longer getting any canker sores. At the first sign of a cank popping up I consume a Soothie Frost and the sore never develops. I also suffer from acid in my stomach and have noticed a reduction in my stomach pain while using this incredible product. This has restored the quality of my life!"  - L. A.                                   


"Soothie Frost has changed my life!  My entire adult life I have suffered from stress related canker sore outbreaks. The sores were not only extremely painful but made speaking/communicating very difficult which would affect my daily job routine, since I am in sales and continually speaking to clients. Often one sore would develop and then another would form and they would grow together, doubling into monster size sores. Daily tasks such as eating, talking and sleeping were very difficult since I would be in pain for weeks and in a terrible mood all the time. The sore irritation would even cause me to accidentally bite my tongue or interior cheek which would result in an additional sore to develop.  Not only would the pain be unbearable, I was very self conscious because the sores cause terrible bad breath which was another added discomfort and concern when interacting with people. I would be in pain for weeks until the sores finally healed and not know when the next one would appear. Once I discovered Soothie Frost, my life has totally changed! I no longer get any sores! At the first sign of a bump or irritation I eat a Soothie Frost. The irritation disappears. I am no longer in mouth pain or worried about my breath. Outstanding life changing product!" - W. C. 

“For no identifier reason, my entire tongue and roof of my mouth became very sore. I just put up with it thinking it would go away but it didn’t. Then I was given the gift of Soothie Frost. I was skeptical at first as I am a doctor
and it’s not “prescribed” medication
, but it really made a difference. Within 24 hours my tongue and mouth were
feeling better. Now I am a Soothie Frost believer! The grape ice pop was delicious. Better tasting than any ice pop I have ever had. I will recommend this product to my patients who have issues of oral pain or sores. It would be great if these were widely available at drug stores, dentist and orthodontist offices. I recall the pain my kids had with their braces - sores from wires poking and metal appliances rubbing… Wish this product had existed for them. - M. L., MD


"Soothie Frost has effectively treated my mouth ulcers. I used the product when the sores first became problematic, so it shortened the healing time. In the past, I have used several over the counter products for treatment. They include a cold sore ointment containing 1.2% zinc oxide, an oral anesthetic with 20% benzocaine, and liquid hydrogen peroxide 3%. Soothie Frost worked better than these other treatments. I would recommend it to those that suffer from mouth ulcers to speed the healing time and reduce the discomfort." - J. K. 


"I suffer from chronic canker sores which are extremely painful. The sores can last from a period of five to ten days. I had three sores the first time I used Soothie Frost and felt pain relief within 15 minutes. I noticed a sore size reduction in only two days after consuming five Soothie Frost over a three day period.  While using this product no new sores developed either. I would recommend this product." - R. M.    


"I'm recovering from Covid, one of the many side effects is a dry mouth.  During the day I drink plenty of water. I wake up several times a night with severe dry mouth, will swish water, and drink a sip to ease the dryness. Yesterday morning I awoke with a mouth sore due to the constant dryness at night. Soothie Frost eased the pain immediately, the discomfort and soreness were gone after just one!”  - C. S.  



"Soothie frost is an amazing product! It healed my horrible mouth sores in days!  I had 3 very painful sores on my gums, which were even causing my glands to swell. I couldn’t eat or chew, and even brushing my teeth was extremely painful. I was worried I needed to go to the doctor, but decided to try Soothie frost first. I had my first pop the first evening, and felt immediate relief of the pain.  The next day I had one pop in the morning and one in the evening. My sores were feeling so much better and my gland was no longer swollen. The next morning I had a final pop and by the end of the day my mouth was better!"  - V. F.


"I have experienced canker and cold sores most of my adult life. I have a low tolerance of acidic fruits and vegetables. The problem is that I love oranges and pineapples, which resulted in me getting regular canker sores when I ate to much of either. Most of the over the counter treatments provided little or no relief and none provided a faster healing cycle of the sore. Some treatments were very painful and actually made the sore worse. I was recommended to Soothie Frost from a neighbor. The first time I tried it I felt more relief in the first 10-20 seconds than most treatments simply from the cooling nature of the frozen pop, and with no extra pain or further inflammation of the sore. I could feel a difference in the sore within a couple treatments. By the fourth treatment (third day) there was a significant decrease in pain from the sore and a noticeable decrease in size of the sore. I went ahead and took a single frozen pop on days four and five. By the end of day five there was no more pain at the site of the canker sore and the sore was significantly smaller in size. No new sores developed while I was using the product. It has been about a week since the last use of the product and I have not developed any other new sores. Both the canker and the cold sore I had are completely gone.  If you are experiencing canker or cold sores I would highly recommend trying this product. The reasons would be 1) Because there was significant pain reduction, 2) Significant reduction in the healing cycle, 3) no increase of pain or sore size from treatment, 4) Great flavors." - C.R.

"My life is changed by Soothie Frost. I have had Celiac Disease my whole life and I am constantly getting canker sores. I have tried everything known to man to get them to disappear or soothe them while they heal. Now that I have Soothie Frost, once I get a canker sore, I immediately grab one and the pain is gone. Normally the canker sore takes weeks to disappear but with Soothie Frost, they are gone in a couple days. I also have a five year old and not only does it heal his canker sores (he has Celiac as well), but he asks to eat them everyday as the taste is phenomenal." - S. S. 

"I had a spot on my lip that I kept biting. This morning I used one of the pops and it already feels like the spot is gone, it is only 8 am! This product is genius!" - J. O. 

"I have had mouth sores for many years, sometimes on my tongue and sometimes on the inside of my mouth.  I also get canker sores.  Before Soothie Frost, I used over the counter gels and topical remedies to help the pain and then just wait for them to go away.  However, the first time that I used Soothie Frost I found that it not only stopped the immediate pain but actually healed the sores within a day or two.  This is a fabulous product and so useful for me even though I don't have chronic or cancer related issues.  These should be in everyone's freezer.  And by having them in my freezer, I have been able to share with a neighbor who had sores from a medication she was taking for a short time. I also recently gave the information about Soothie Frost to my dentist who said she would keep it for people dealing with sores from braces. I HIGHLY recommend this product and pray that many people in need would find out about it."  - J. M.


"We were traveling to visit our family and I seriously bit the underside of my tongue to the point where tears welled up after the bite. When we arrived that morning my aunt was preparing my favorite seafood fondue for our family dinner. When my aunt heard about my pain, she offered me a frozen orange Soothie Frost. She gave me a bowl to keep it in and a knife and fork to eat like ice cream. I put it on the fork and held it over the sore - OMG - the frozen icy cold instantly numbed the throbbing pain from the sore site… WOW and the taste was delicious!!! I slowly swished the pop over my tongue for instant immediate relief! It didn’t take long to eat since the portion size is perfect. As the day progressed my pain was getting less and I was able to speak more normal. Later in the evening, I was absolutely shocked that I could eat the hot fondue and even the crunchy garlic baguette bread too. The next day there was no more pain and the sore size was noticeably reduced. I will always have some in my freezer from now on. Plus it is all natural and free of drugs for my kiddos… since our oldest son is about to get braces put on, we will be stocking up. I already experienced braces and know how long the process takes and how painful it is on the mouth, plus that the wax does not help at all. So glad we took this trip to discover this unbelievable powerful product packed with nutritional value!"  -  P. S.   

"I severely bit the side of my tongue and was in a lot of pain.  My 14 year old daughter brought over Soothie Frost to help with her sore throat, so I decided to give it a try—to see if it would help my tongue. Honesty, I was skeptical.  I read the packaging and was very impressed with the ingredients, but figured the pops would taste bad and be of little help to my sore tongue.  Well, I was wrong.  Not only did Soothie Frost taste good, the next morning my tongue pain was almost completely gone.  Now I’m thinking that because Soothie Frost tastes so good, is drug free, low glycemic and made with ingredients that help with oral health, I may have one every day."  - G. A. F.

"If you EVER suffer from mouth sores you will want to share this... I was feeling like I was getting an ulcer in my mouth and remembered the feeling from years ago - used Soothie Frost - POOF - gone!!!"  - L. P.

"Our 12 year old daughter is constantly biting her cheek, hurting her tongue (yes, often by eating too much candy) and getting various mouth sores. THANK GOODNESS FOR SOOTHIE FROST!!! We keep a bag of these in our freezer! She loves the flavors, and has said pretty much EVERY time she has had anything wrong with her mouth, one ice pop makes her mouth feel so much better and starts the healing immediately! I can’t say enough about this product!! All natural, sugar and dye free (and a bunch of other amazing qualities!) Check them out, and get some for your family… You will thank me when you need them!!" - V. F. 

"My teen son unfortunately bites the inside of his cheeks about 3-4 times a year. This pain makes it very hard for him to eat and difficult to perform in his singing performances. They usually last 1-2 weeks… Wow! Soothie Frost is so awesome - the pops initially stopped the throbbing for 3 hours. The sore was visibly smaller within the next day! My son’s competitive show choir team was over at our house and they saw the bag in our freezer. This started a conversation about another beneficial use for Soothie Frost… this product is also great for singers who are a bit under the weather but still have to perform!"  - H. M. 


"My 4 year old daughter’s face was bitten by a dog in her mouth area. The doctor told us to use salt water and Tylenol. Her mouth and cheeks were extremely swollen with 4 canine teeth holes under her lip. Then a friend told us to try Soothie Frost. After 2 days of using Soothie Frost she is now so much better! All the swelling is gone and the puncture wounds are almost healed up. She loves all the flavors and I’m so happy with our experience. I would recommend this product."  - A. V.


“I bit my cheek which caused a large sore. Soothie frost immediately made my cheek feel better and worked better than Orajel.”   - J. W.


"Thank you Soothie Frost! I burnt the roof of my mouth very badly on boiling hot spaghetti sauce. So very badly, that it blistered, broke and blistered again. I had been struggling to eat because of the severe pain and sensitivity on the roof of my mouth. The incident occurred on July 4th, but even two weeks later, I could only eat soft food. The burn was in the center and extended to one side, so I only had a very small area on the roof of my mouth and right side where food could pass without pain. - Enter friend at dinner one night when I was struggling, who suggested Soothie Frost. I was blessed, and received an order in about a week. And, yes, the pain was still severe. The soothing nature of Soothie Frost, provided relief immediately and seemed to enhance the healing taking place. Within a week, using the pops a couple of times a day, I noticed I had no more pain and healing was progressing rapidly. I could eat more textures and very soon afterward was healed. Thank you for this blessing, just when I needed it!"  - J.P. 

"My child has burning mouth syndrome (BPS), a rare condition that causes parts of the mouth to burn suddenly and without apparent cause.  In my daughter's case, the burning sensation occurs on her tongue and is very painful. We tried pediatric popsicles for hydration, but this did not help the burning pain. We have not been able to find a product that provides her with any relief from these symptoms until Soothie Frost.  She notices an immediate comfort from the pain and in her experience, a reduction in the frequency and duration of the flare- ups. I should also note that this condition often changes the way foods and drinks taste.  For my daughter, most foods have a metallic taste which is very off-putting and thus, limits her food choices considerably.  She has not experienced this metal taste with Soothie Frost.  In fact, she loves the taste...words we typically do not hear.  I am so pleased with this product and would highly recommend it." - J. C.

"My mouth was covered with a white film and in pain which later learned was Thrush. I had quarter sized sores on both sides of my mouth. I noticed pain relief within one hour after consuming one Soothie Frost. The next day I had a half of a pop. I was completely healed within 24 hours, Amazing!"   - J. F.  


"I ordered Soothie Frost for my 13 month old grandson to use. The good news, he liked the taste! Seemed effective. I asked my grandson's mom about my grandson's experience. Since he was so little, he could not say that he felt better; however, his mommy felt it helped to soothe as he enjoyed eating the Soothie Frost. They have given to him as he is cutting teeth as well and he really enjoys them."  - S. S.   


Soothies” are GREAT for the entire family! I was introduced to them after having oral surgery. The dentist had to put posts into my gums for my implants. They helped tremendously with all the pain! Since then, they have helped my 6 year old grandson with his toothache. My 9 year old granddaughter that has a habit of licking around her mouth. Plus my 5 year old granddaughter who had a fever blister that just started this morning, but we nipped that in the bud!!! They were gone when she left today.  I want and am sharing this product with everyone and again I am so very proud that my friend introduced me to this wonderful pain relieving and healing “Soothie.” We will always keep them stocked! Thank you again and God Bless you! " - R. R.                                                        

Cold Sores / Fever Blisters
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Cold Sores / Fever Blisters, Testimonials

“I was sick with Covid for over a month and hospitalized on 6 liters of oxygen for 5 days. Several of the medications, plus horrible side effects from Covid left me with on-going nausea, major mouth pain with little painful bumps, cold sores, and my gums peeling. But once I started using Soothie Frost pops, it wasn't as painful to swallow, drink, or even eat; it was wonderful to have some relief. They were very soothing to my mouth and relieved my pain significantly. Also, they tasted great when nothing else had. Covid is some pretty bad stuff, but Covid-19 recovery/side effects are almost as bad as Covid itself, but thanks to Soothie Frost Pops, I got wonderful relief from my mouth pain and nausea. I would highly recommend them for anyone who is suffering from Covid-19 mouth pain!” - M. P.

"Finding Soothie Frost has been incredible. Over the past 20 years I have fought the pain and esthetic scabs that lasted for weeks. I tried cankaid and other over the counter medications, and finally found Zovirax (acyclovir 5% ointment) which was expensive with insurance and hard to administer. I honestly believe fighting the condition of fever blisters with Soothie Frost from the inside (ingestion) and outside/ topically (direct contact) has been the best and cut recovery time in half. Plus, being frozen cold gives immediate relief while the flavors are like I am having an ice pop, which are not on my diet."  - G.B.W.  

"My husband occasionally gets
cold sores that last about a week. After consuming one Soothie pop in the afternoon, I saw his lip the next day and the sore was gone. I said, “It's a miracle!!” Having experienced mouth sores, I know how painful they are and the length of time it takes to heal. I will definitely use this product too. Plus, if you have ever had a sore in your mouth,this is a blessing from heaven!"  - L. P.

"I suffer from painful cold sores that usually develop from stress or from sun exposure. Not only are they very painful and make it difficult to eat or drink from a glass, they are ugly and embarrassing. In the past, every time I used Abreva I would get flu like symptoms which progressively got worse at each use. My Doctor said Abreva is an anti viral medication and has an ingredient in that I am allergic to, which meant I had extremely limited options for pain relief and quick healing. Soothie Frost has been a game changer! Soothie Frost gave me immediate relief from sore pain I was looking for and helped speed up the healing process. Since I started right away, I noticed the sore did not grow bigger as previous sores."   - L. P.  


"I have always suffered from cold sores, either from stress, sun exposure or sickness. It’s something I’ve learned to live with. Previous treatments were Abreva (expensive) or Anbesol. Eventually the sore would heal and go away (about 10-14 days). If the sore was on the outside of my lip it, it was not only painful but I was self-conscious. Soothie Frosts are so soothing and the fact they heal quickly is wonderful. My sore size was reduced in 2 days and the immediate cooling relief was wonderful and soothing! No more worry about sun exposure or a nasty reaction to a minor cold. All my life I have had cold sores and now there’s a quick relief (with fast healing) product. It is an amazing product that I’ll be telling all my friends about!"  - M. F. 

"For most of my life I have had to deal with mouth sores... so you have to watch what you eat, what you drink and pay attention when in the sun. In the past I typically have used Abreva an over the counter medication which is fairly expensive. If you apply Abreva early enough when you feel the numbing coming on it will work some of the time, but not always and takes days to notice a change.  A few months ago, I was on antibiotics for a sore tooth and had a dime size sore. Soothie Frost worked right away and was soothing and helped heal my sore lip. My sore size reduced in one day. Amazing!"  - M. K. 

"I have always suffered from cold sores especially after spending the day fishing in the intense sun or windy conditions. Soothie Frost has been amazing. At the first sign of a cold sore developing I use a Soothie Frost and the site doesn’t turn into a sore - it stops the sore from forming! I have noticed that over a true course of time of using Soothie Frost, I do not get sores as frequently as I used to… maybe coincidence or pure awesomeness. Post tourney I always have one to help refresh and recover!" - S.P. 

"After using Soothie Frost, it has been almost a year since my last cold sore flare up (note: this is a follow up/second review). This product seems almost a cure of sorts. I typically have sores every couple months, but now I do not have any reoccurring cold sores, which has been a blessing!"  - G.B.W.

"My daughter had a pea sized fever blister that was split and cracked for over a week. We got some soothie ice from a relative and by the next day it was almost fully healed. Very tasty and my daughter loved it ... she said 'my sore is disappearing'! Works fast and tastes great!" - A. R. 

Oral Mucositis
Oral Mucositis ~ Cancer,  Testimonials

I am so pleased to recommend Soothie Frost. One of my colorectal cancer patients shared:  “When I tried the pop it was cooling and soothing like an aloe blanket for my mouth.” - Kim Dalzell PhD. RD., Cancer Nutrition IQ

"As a cancer patient receiving chemotherapy I truly cannot say enough about this wonderful product. My mouth sores were unbearable but the SOOTHIES help me through it. It's an outstanding product and I highly recommend SOOTHIES to anyone with any kind of mouth sores. Outstanding product. A+ all the way!”  - L. T. C.


"I started a new cancer medication and a side effect is mouth sores. My sores were constant. I could only eat small bites of soft, non-salty food. When I started Soothie Frost, I had 10 canker sores and 2 cold sores that ranged from pea to bean size. After consuming a Soothie Frost I felt immediate relief, it lasted longer, relief was 3-4 hours. The “miracle mouthwash” from the doctor only lasted thirty minutes. I noticed a reduction of the sores the next day! No sores would form from the treatment, however after 8 weeks, I have had no sores for 2 weeks so far." - K. B.


"I’m doing chemo treatments and this causes sores in your mouth. These need to be available in cancer centers for the patients. Soothie Frost gave me tons of immediate relief and after about 4 days my dime size sores went down in size and around day 6 they were gone. I still suck on one a day until I’m off chemo just to be safe."   - T. W.   


"My family member is undergoing breast cancer treatments and she swears by Soothie Frost. The chemo treatments are really tough on her. But she LOVES Soothie!!! Thank you for developing it!"   - M. O. 


"I had a surgery. I noticed the day of & the day after that I had a sore throat from the intubation tube, plus a busted swollen lip. The lip began to swell. I remembered we had some SF in the freezerfor my daughter’s lip ulcers/cold sores. Two days after my surgery, I used two pops one each day. I rubbed it on my lip & then ate the pop. I did the same thing the next day. By day four, I didn’t have to use anymore. The swelling had gone down. The discomfort was gone. Very happy I remembered I had them!"  - A. R.

"I can’t tell you how many times in those first years that Soothie Frost helped my wife deal with side effects from chemo pills.  She relished the product and she was still promoting Soothie Frost to everyone she thought needed it. Thank you for taking care of my sweetie when she needed it most." - M. B.

"My uncle is under going chemotherapy treatments due to esophagus cancer, plus he also suffers from Barrett’s esophagus. As a result, he has no lining of his esophagus. We encourage him to take Soothie Frost daily for health benefits as he needs these nutrients and vitamins, since his throat is very sensitive to pain. A side effect of his chemotherapy treatment is extreme sensitivity to cold, so we administer the pops to him after they are thawed and at room temperature. He felt immediate relief after his first pop! He will continue to consume daily throughout his treatments." - C. D., APRN, BSN, CLHRP

"My wife suffered through pancreatic cancer and had severe mouth sores from the treatments. She lost her appetite and nothing tasted good to her. It was difficult to find creative ways to get her to eat. She was so frail with no energy. The only thing she would look forward to eating was Soothie Frost, which she fondly called them ‘Slimmies’. This is a tragic disease and there is a huge need for this product."  - L. Y.  

"My dear friend lost her battle with cancer and passed away a few weeks ago… Soothie Frost pops did help get rid of her mouth sores, which made her last few days more comfortable."  - D. A.

"My daughter developed mouth sores & they were better in 2 days after she had Soothie Frost!"  - H. K.

"The Soothie pops have come in handy with my nausea with the rounds of chemotherapy."  - A. D.


"Took my last chemo at the end of the year. So happy it’s over.  They said this would be the hardest one to deal with & I guess they were right. The Soothie pops have been lifesavers for me. Something I have discovered, if I eat one right before I go to bed, coats my mouth and it feels so much better the next morning. They also helped when I got thrush after treatment" - R. L.


"Where was this product when I went through breast cancer? They told us to eat ice chips during our treatment. It was awful!"  - K. E.

"I get sores in my mouth and use Soothie Frost for that. But I've been ordering it for friends (or relatives of friends) who are going through cancer treatment.  One friend who has lung cancer has found them to help her wonderfully. It's a great product!" -  J. M

“I had dental work done & got a sore in my mouth. My sister gave me Soothie Frost. I tried them and they helped! I have a friend who just started chemo. Her mouth has  broke out in sores. Sending pops to my friend. Excited to be able to help her!” - N. S.

“The pops for my mother who has been battling cancer off and on for the past 20+ years now.  What she is using has stopped working on the spots on her lungs and now she will be using what they originally prescribed when she had her mastectomy. She remembers having mouth sores back then, so we are preparing for them ahead of time!  Thank you for the help.” - J. R.

“I got my second Covid-19 vaccine shot yesterday. I felt the side of my tongue was feeling a slight soreness, so I ate one pop that evening.  I have had no side effects at all from the shot, and my tongue and throat were fine since I had a pop.  I just placed an order to send some to my sister undergoing cancer treatments. Her platelets are so low she even got a blood blister in her mouth this past week. This product really works!” - J. P.


Soothie frost Inspiration & Origin Story:

"Several years ago my 3 year old granddaughter was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma. One of the side effects of her chemo treatment caused mouth sores so severe that she could not talk let alone drink or eat. It was very scary and upsetting. One of my good friends, was so moved by my granddaughter’s suffering she decided to find something to help mouth sores ~ Through her tenacious research, testing, talking to experts, etc... my friend invented Soothie Frost patented formula! I personally have used Soothie Frost on my mouth sore and it stopped the pain and healed it in one use. The world needs more compassionate, caring people like the creator of this product and I will be forever thankful to her. BTW - My granddaughter is now a thriving, vibrant and very active happy little girl enjoying elementary school. She is doing great!’" - J. O.

"Those nasty mouth sores are the worst! I remember when my three year old daughter couldn't talk for a couple of days because they were so bad from the chemo treatments. It was awful. I'm so happy that this product is taking such initiative to help ease cancer fighters' pain because there is a tremendous amount of it during chemo. Anything to lessen their pain is a gift." - B. O.

Orthodontic Abrasions, Testimonials

"The entire dental staff loved the ICE POPs! They thought I had brought them some frozen treats, since I usually bring them something decadent when I can! I explained the product to them and they all tried it… every flavor was great! I plan on sending Soothie frost to the specialists I refer my clients to see." - C. L, DDS

As a Mother and Grandmother with 3 adult children with braces and 3 grandchildren with braces, Soothie frost has been a HUGE pain reliever after dental appointments. In addition, we use it for esophageal issues as well as stomach problems. It tastes great and the texture even works for my grandchild that is very particular about any food textures. Soothie frost has become a must in my household staples.  Thank you for caring and developing this product."  - J. V.


"My niece has braces and is always complaining of the mouth pain. She used Soothie Frost and felt immediate relief. Her mom noted a visible size reduction in her sores within a couple of days. With a medical background, I asked her mom to administer regular frozen pops once she was out of Soothie Frost product to see if there was a placebo effect... Her mom reported the sores quickly returned and were much larger while using regular frozen pop products."  - R. F., DC    


"Both of my sons had braces when they were young. They would complain that their mouth hurt. I did not think about it much, just gave them an over the counter pain reliever. But then I got braces as a middle aged adult. These are really uncomfortable! The metal brackets rub the inside of my lips and cheeks, causing pain with eating and talking.  After getting the wires replaced, the tips stick into the side of my mouth, making it difficult to sleep. I was using small pieces of wax to cover the brackets, but food got stuck in the wax and had to be replaced multiple times a day. I was also taking much more of an over the counter pain medication, Aleve, than was recommended. Then I was introduced to Soothie Frost. These are tasty, frozen pops that contain natural ingredients, no medications, that significantly decrease the discomfort of the braces. When I feel the inside of my mouth getting sore from the brackets, I eat a Soothie Frost and immediately feel much better. I also eat one before going to bed. This makes falling asleep much easier. I know that I will not have side effects, so I can eat as many in a day as I need. The Soothie Frosts have made having braces much more tolerable! Braces cause ongoing irritation, so daily use for months may be required." - M. D., MD   


"I was really surprised by how this new find “Soothies” helped me!!!!! I was visiting a friend after having oral surgery on my gums. The dentist had put posts into my gums for my implants and I was having some serious pain!!  My friend said he had something he wanted me to try and he gave me a Soothie.  He said to rub it around the posts and on my gums then eat it slowly... To my surprise it eased the pain and made my evening better! Later I tried another one and again to my surprise my pain was almost gone!!

I have been going thru the healing process now for a month and have since ordered Soothies. They are enjoyable in three very important ways: 

1. The pop eases the pain and has taken the pain away. I eat a pop at the first sign of pain.  
2. They taste good!!! Enjoying the very enjoyable taste, like eating a popsicle!!!!  
3. I like that it is not filled with a lot of man made meds & is natural. Knowing this, I was able to give one to my 6 year old grandson to help with his toothache. This is important to me because I’m not big on pain killers.


I am so thankful that my friend introduced me to “Soothies.” It has been such a relief to me and I recommend them very highly to everyone!!!!! I will always keep them on hand!!!!!! This product is wonderful!!!!!!"   - R. R.

"I bought Soothie Frost and while, I haven’t had a chance to use them, luckily I had them in the freezer when my Mom had dental work done. She ended up having a painful spot on the roof of her mouth from the Novocain injection. The pain lasted days after the procedure. I gave her a Soothie Frost pop and it made the pain go away. She said it tasted great too! She used them for a couple of days and each time it got rid of the pain in her mouth. Thanks Soothie Frost!" - S. W. 

"Soothie Frost helped with my son’s palette expander pain!" - B. C. 

“We love Soothie Frost! It helped my 6 year old daughter recover from dental work recently. I keep some frozen as we walk through the flu season. I love how silky it is — perfectly soothes!” - C. G.

"I had braces put on in December and was unable to eat due to tooth pain and mouth sores. My friend suggested that I try the pops and even brought a couple over that night! They were exactly what I needed! Thanks!"  - W. B.


“This is a great new product that has no medicine but helps with mouth pain!  I suffer from auto immune, Lupus & meds for 2 types of arthritis which causes dry mouth.” - D. D.


“I suffer from dry mouth from my medication. I felt relief within minutes after eating a Soothie pop.”  - T. B.

Sore Throat
Sore Throat & Esophagus Pain, Testimonials 

“My son came home from college this fall with severe tonsillitis and strep throat. He could barely swallow water due to the severe pain. After two days of taking the Soothie Frost popsicles AND before any antibiotics were administered, he stated that he had significant relief and was actually able to eat soup and drink without grimacing. I am a Sr. Executive for one of the largest pharmaceuticals companies in the world, but I can tell you I am a believer in the drug free Soothie Frost products!”   - B. F.

“I had a rough burning intense throat pain from COVID. My mouth, throat & cough felt better for hours after each pop. I much prefer Soothie pops to cough drops. Both taste & effectiveness are better with Soothie.” - L. H. LPN

"It seems with all of the social distancing we are doing, and avoidance of doctors offices except in extreme emergencies, this would be a great time for people to get a package of these… they sure helped my son when he had a bad cold last week, that’s why we ran out!"  - H. M.


"I had a very bad sore throat for several days guessing from the N. C. allergies. It felt like a knife was in my throat. Last night I had a strawberry pop and by the morning it was a little sore after days of pain. By afternoon the pain was gone! I AM A BELIEVER NOW! - J. P.

"Soothie pops were certainly a lifesaver at our house this weekend as our son fought a sinus infection. It provided him a good deal of relief from his sore throat and drainage." - K. D.


"This product is awesome! I used it when I had a sore throat and, in that process, I figured out it is a huge help with my indigestion! Love this product, HIGHLY recommend! Plus, I love knowing by purchasing this product I am supporting a woman owned, locally owned, small business." - L. R.

“When I have indigestion I cough a lot. The coughing and indigestion is causing my throat soreness. This product is great! Felt relief right away.”  - S. B.

"We just ordered a couple of more bags of Soothie Frost. Seems like someone’s always having a problem. The beauty of it is, they ALWAYS work!" - A. C.

"Soothie frost is an amazing product!  It healed my horrible mouth sores in days!  I had 3 very painful sores on my gums, which were causing my glands to swell.  I couldn’t eat or chew. Even brushing my teeth was extremely painful.  I was worried I needed to go to the doctor, but decided to try Soothie frost first. I had one pop and felt immediate relief of the pain.  The next day I had one pop in the AM & in the PM. My sores were feeling so much better. My gland was no longer swollen. The next morning I had a final pop. By the end of the day my mouth was all better!" - V.F.


"I have used Soothie Frost on occasions for different needs. Once for sores in my mouth, the product relieved the pain and increased the healing process. I have used them with my grandchildren for sore throats, they both felt better within a day! Now when they have a sore throat they ask for a Soothie Frost.  I highly recommend this product and will continue using it."  - V. V.   

"Everyone at our office had a terrible cough that lasted for weeks. During the cold, I took Soothie Frost to avoid a sore throat. This was the first time during a severe cough/cold that I never had a sore throat no matter how bad I coughed. It was shocking and I never lost my voice either - Sharing Soothie Frost with all my loved ones!"  - L. C.   

"Having a history of high blood pressure, my cardiologist prescribed Nifedipine. This resulted in a side effect that caused gingival enlargement (gum swelling and bleeding). Finally, a periodontist determined the cause was a side effect of the blood pressure drug. During this discovery period and eventual surgery of scaling and root planing, Soothie Frost saw me through!  I used it often and it lessened the mouth tenderness and eventually helped heal the gum tissue following the treatment. My expression was "Soothie likes me!" It healed my discomfort! Then I was recently was hospitalized with esophagus irritation due to a hiatal hernia. Immediately began Soothie Frost. The Gastroenterologist was amazed with the quick reaction of my esophagus healing in response to taking Soothie Frost." - S. K. 


"As a Mother and Grandmother with 3 adult children with braces and 3 grandchildren with braces, Soothie frost has been a HUGE pain reliever after dental appointments. In addition, we use it for esophageal issues as well as stomach problems. It tastes great and the texture even works for my grandchild that is very particular about any food textures. Soothie frost has become a must in my household staples.  Thank you for caring and developing this product."  - J. V.


"I gave the pops to my son for his  sore throat, cold symptoms. He felt immediate relief. I would recommend this product."  - L. C.

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