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I had a spot on my lip that I kept biting. This morning I used one of the pops
and it already feels like the spot is gone, it is only 8 am! 
This product is genius! 

- J. O.

Benefits ~ POP with a Purpose
Are you suffering with pain?   Nourish your mouth health!

- Instant cyro-therapeutic frosty relief*
- Covers pain with a soothing  protective layer*
- Rapid  absorption to nourish oral tissue*
- Reduces duration of sores & relieves pain*
- Promotes long-term renewal & maintenance*

- Muiltipurpose mouth pain formulation -  to soothe, replenish & protect mouth immunity defense*
- Fortified with specific amino acid proteins, targeted to promote the health of oral tissue & digestive track*
- Balanced with non-acidic antioxidant vitamins focused on strong bones, gums, skin, mood & heart*
- Natural flavor base of Xylitol: a dental approved, sugar free, low calorie & low glycemic index sweetener*          
- Free of:  dairy, drugs, dye, gluten, herbs, nut & soy 
- Developed for people with mouths  
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- Supports immune, muscular & nervous systems*
- Promotes collagen growth, wound & tissue repair*
- Boosts oral health: gums, teeth, bones & skin*
- Gentle on stomach, maintains digestive tract
- Improves heart health & coping with stress*

Patented Oral Immune Formula

- Instant Cryo-Therapeutic Relief*                        - Reduces Duration of Sores & Pain*
- Soothing Repair Protective Barrier*                 - Promotes Long-Term Restoration*
- Multipurpose Mouth Pain Applications
            - Order Soothing Sore Relief  😋


- essential for immune function*
- building blocks for protein*
- promotes oral health & wound care*
- boosts collagen growth & tissue repair* 

- fuel source for brain/immune system*
- critical protein for  muscle health*
- maintains health of digestive tract*

- antioxidant C+ fortified with Calcium*
- non-acidic & gentle on stomach
- supports bones, skin
& gums*
- neutralizes cell-damaging free radicals*

- low calorie & low glycemic index sweetener that  boosts dental health*  
- synergistic formula: natural flavors, sugar, dye & drug free*

- important in coping with stress*
- benefits nervous
& immune systems*
- boosts function of brain
& heart*      

Drug Free Natural ICE POPs ~ Patented Oral Tissue Support Supplement

Directions: Multipurpose Mouth Pain - ICE POPs

multipurpose directions.png

1. Freeze ICE POPs upon Arrival ~ Keep ICE POPS frozen
2. Open frozen ICE POP~ Swish over sores to numb fiery pain
3.  Consume entire ICE POP ~ For BEST relief results
4.  To accelerate results ~ Eat MULTIPLE ICE POPS during sore FLARE-UPS to expedite mouth tissue restoration*

Cold Sensitivity Users: If you are sensitive to colder temperatures resulting from chemotherapy or radiation treatments, thaw ICE POP prior to consuming ~ then swish & swallow entire sleeve contents. Do not microwave.


1. Freeze ICE POPs upon Arrival ~ Keep ICE POPS frozen    
2. Open frozen ICE POP ~ Topically apply pop end directly to sore        
3. Apply until sore is numb ~ Then consume that portion of pop        
4. Repeat ~ Apply newly exposed pop end to sore to numb site        
5. Continue process ~ Consume entire ICE POP for BEST results        
6. To accelerate results ~ Eat MULTIPLE ICE POPS during sore FLARE-UPS to expedite mouth tissue restoration*


At FIRST sign of exterior or interior mouth irritation, bump or discomfort
~ immediately consume ENTIRE ICE POP to alleviate progression of sore formation.*
~ Repeat process ~ as needed to maintain mouth health


Relief Tips:                                                                                         Developed for people with mouths 😋
- Be prepared for your next mouth sore or sore mouth ~ Stock your freezer with Soothie frost!

- To freeze pops quicker, remove pops from pouch. Do not microwave contents.
- Enjoy POPs like a slushy: cut top of pop sleeve, add contents to a cup & serve with a spoon.


Directions to Use ~ Love YOU to Life

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    Thank you for your submission ~  Soothie frost Customer Care,  love YOU to life

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