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More than half of the population experiences canker sores. Sores are round/oval with a white or yellow center & a red border. They form inside your mouth on the tongue, cheeks, lips & the base of the gums. Eating & drinking can result in extreme pain. Inflammation usually will heal in 1-2 weeks. This condition can be chronic (RAS) & outbreaks may reappear at other areas in the mouth.

Causes may include: 
- Emotional stress or hormones,
food sensitivities (acidic/spicy), vitamin deficiencies & autoimmune disorders. 





"I have suffered from canker sores as long as I can remember and they are a nightmare. They are so painful that my dentist would work me into her schedule and she could cauterize my sores for $50 a visit. The burning from the cauterization process was awful, but better than living with the extreme pain for weeks. Since using Soothie Frost, I am no longer getting any canker sores. At the first sign of a cank popping up I consume a Soothie Frost and the sore never develops. I also suffer from acid in my stomach and have noticed a reduction in my stomach pain while using this incredible product. This has restored the quality of my life!"  - L. A.

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